Michel Bittan was born in Casablanca.

He immigrated through Marseille to Israel where he later served three years in the the Israeli Air Force. Michel was decorated by Mordechai Hod an Israeli Hero and commander of the Israeli Air Force during the 1967 Six-Day War. After getting out of the Air Force Michel went to work at the Hilton in Tel Aviv. He then went on to open a night club in Tel Aviv and at twenty two years old he moved to the south of France and Paris.

Only a year later at twenty three Michel left to New York City. Once Michel was situated in the city he quickly got into business with Art Shamsky who then played in the MLB for the Mets as well as Phil Linz a player for New York Yankees. The three of them ran a New York night club. It wasn't long before Michel moved to his next venture FASHION.

 At twenty five Michel started producing sweatshirts and knits for labels like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Norma Kamaly, Victoria Secret, Sasson, Jordache, Bonjour, and more.

Michel was with the Marciano brothers at the start of Guess Jeans and he opened up Guess Knitwear which he ran for almost 20 years. While Michel was heavily involved in the fashion world he also started his clothing brand named Trocadero. He launched by opening eighteen retail stores with a flagship store on Columbus Avenue in New York City next door to ABC Studios. His flagship store was 6000 SqFt. and was the hotspot for starts to get the latest sportswear from Paris. 

From Fashion to Real Estate

While Michel enjoyed success in the fashion industry he didn't stop there. Michel and Tom Glenon his partner in the apparel business opened up a Hilton Hotel in North Carolina in 1986. Michel and Tom went on to open up Mariott Marquis, Hampton's and Comfort suites. They even opened up Medical centers. They remain partners today.

From New York City to The Suburbs

As Michel Bittan started a family he moved from NYC to Englewood, New Jersey. In Englewood, New Jersey Michel made sure to leave his mark by starting his real estate company "The Bittan Group" with his brother Max. Michel opened up multiple restaurants in Englewood through the years such as Solaia, Caprizza, Burgerwood, Sangria, and Bistro Capri. He also opened up Club 201 a massive private event space for local bar mitzvahs and sweet sixteens. Michel went on to serve on the board of the Bergen Performing Arts Center. 

From The Suburbs to Miami

Michel moved to Miami in 2013 where he partnered with George Macropulos in The Mimosa Hotel which is on Collins Avenue on the Beach. He is also building the MB hotel across the street. A Relais Chateau with a famous chef in Miami is also in the works.

Michel Bittan is also a lifetime president of Baba Sale Institution in Israel, One of the founders of the Moroccan Jewish Temple in the upper east side of Manhattan, and he built a school for the under privileged in Israel.

Michel enjoys helping under privileged kids and charities.

Michel's passion is art, food, wine, and poker tournaments.